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Knowledgebase Article 124

We have four users on the system let's call them users A,B,C,D and the email notification is installed onto user A's machine.

When user B does an event that causes an email to be generated the following happens. It goes to the correct person but the email always looks like it has been generated by user A despite user B being the person responsible for Assigning and Closing issues.


That is the way email notification should work. Since the Email Notifier is running on user A's machine, it uses an email profile on the workstation where you installed the Email Notifier.

Most workstations are setup to have only one email profile. However, you can always create another profile using the Mail applet in the Windows Control Panel. You may want to create an additional email profile for PR-Tracker to use on user A's machine. This way the email will appear to come from PR-Tracker instead of user A.
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