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Knowledgebase Article 1228

My computer rebooted unexpectedly while PR-Tracker was open. Ever since that time I get the following error message when I try to start PR-Tracker.

Error 9007: Can't open file \prtracker.key
Error 53: File not found
PR-Tracker 5.20.0151
Main Key:Get_System_Configuration_32 prtracker


This means that your PRTRACKER.INI file was corrupted during the reboot. There is a setting named database_home in prtracker.ini that specifies the location of the database. Since there is no path in front of prtracker.key, it implies that database_home isn't set. To fix the problem, copy someone elses PRTRACKER.INI file and edit it. Note that you will probably have to fix references to queries and links in PRTRACKER.INI too.
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