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I have a question about e-mail notification at PR-Tracker 4.30. When I have installed email notification on PR-Tracker at NT server, do I have to install any email server tools on this NT server if I want to use email notification? Or it can use the default mail server at Outlook Express.


No, you do not need to install any email server tools. The PR-Tracker Email Notifier will use the server specified by your email program or profile.

Since the Email Notifier doesn't run as a service, it needs to run on a workstation where someone is logged on. Usually no one is logged on to a server so I recommend relocating the email notifier.

The email notifier uses MAPI components already installed on your system. When you do menu Setup | Email Notification, you should see at least one item listed in the Email Profile if MAPI is setup on your system. Also I don't think Outlook Express uses MAPI. You could use Outlook instead.
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