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Knowledgebase Article 119

The PR-Tracker setup program can't register HHCTRL.OCX. When I try to register it by hand I get the following error.

Failed with an error code of 31 (0x1F)
The DLLRegisterServer entry point not even called. Load Library field
1) one of the components needed is missing
2) one of the components returned a result of 31 (0x1F)
3) corrupted or invalid file passed to regdrop.


Some component used by HHCTRL.OCX self registration is probably not on the machine. Besides the standard components on all machines, three DLLs which are on most machines are needed.


These DLLs are installed by IE4 and above. Check to see if these DLL are installed on your machine. If not, get them from a machines where PR-Tracker works and install them, or install IE4 or above.


Error 31
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