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Knowledgebase Article 1182

I currently have PR-Tracker installed on one server but am considering installing PR-Tracker on another server to manage different projects. The PR-Tracker clients will then be required to connect to one server in some projects and connect to another server in other projects.

Is it possible for clients to connect to different PR-Tracker installations?


If you are using PR-Tracker in client-server mode, the same client should not connect to two different servers, unless it is two web servers that point to the same database. If the same client points to two different databases, this will confuse the local caching mechanism. Instead, install an instance of PR-Tracker in two seperate folders, one to connect to the first database on one to connect to the second database.

If you are using PR-Tracker in file-server mode, then you can use the same copy of PR-Tracker to connect to both databases.
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