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It would be nice if PR-Tracker had a Severity field, which would be used in conjunction with the Priority field. For example: Severity = A, B, or C, where A = Must fix, B = Should fix before release, C = fix as time permits. Combine this with Priority, and you could have a 2A level defect, which means if your criteria states that all level 2A and above defects must be fixed before ship, you can search on this. Having only a 2 category means that you need to review each level 2.


With PR-Tracker you can create up to 16 custom fields. One of these could be used for Severity. If you create a custom field called Severity it should be trivial to construct a query to get the information what you want. In the case you mentioned, use these rules and condition to create the query.

Rule B: Priority = 1
Rule C: Priority = 2
Rule D: Severity = A

Condition = B or (C and D)
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