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Knowledgebase Article 1116

When converting a database from Access to SQL Server I get the following errors:

Error 9040: An error occured while changing the database provider.

Error -2147217900: File '\\servername\prtrackerdb\DEMO\DEMO.mdf' is on a network device not
supported for databasefiles. SqlServerInstance=DAX

PrtrackerInterface:InitNewProviderDatabase ProjectDb.CreateDb Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server 5.10.0057

PR-Tracker 5.10.0145
frmConfigureProject:cmdClickOK PRBASE:ConvertDbToNewProvider prtracker


This error occurs because the DATABASE_HOME setting on the server's prtracker.ini file is specified as a universal pathname, that is, "\\servername\prtrackerdb". Change the settings to a folder on a named with a drive letter, such as "C:\Program Files\PR-Tracker\PRTRACKERDB".
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