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PR-Tracker hangs when started on my computer but works fine on others. What causes this?


If PR-Tracker doesn't work it probably means that there is some system corruption or there is some component used by PR-Tracker which didn't get installed properly. These types of problem often occur when programs are installed without closing all applications but can also be caused by a virus or something else. List below are things to do to fix your computer system so that it can run PR-Tracker. The easy solutions are listed first followed by more time consuming solutions.

1) Reboot your computer. This will clear any corruption in memory but not on the disk.

2) Close all applications and reinstall PR-Tracker. Make sure all to close all applications including the Microsoft Office toolbar. As and added precaution, use the Windows Task Manager to end the OSA.EXE process. OSA.EXE is the Microsoft Office startup program. Take note of any errors that occur during setup since they may provide a clue as to why PR-Tracker isn't working.

3) If you have virus detections software installed, download the latest updates and scan the disk for viruses.

4) Download Regclean from Microsoft and run it.
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