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Knowledgebase Article 1105

PR-Tracker Web Client works fine on all or our computers except one. On this computer I am getting 2 errors when I try to open PR-Tracker. The first error is:

Error -2147319779: Automation error
Application-defined or object-defined error
PR-Tracker Web Client 5.10.0095
Prtrackerwc:Main Prtr:OpenProject ProjectDb.CreateDb ProjectDB.CreatePrTable prwebcli

The second error is:

Error 58: File already exists
PR-Tracker Web Client 5.10.0095
Prtrackerwc:Main Prtr:OpenProject prwebcli


This error is cause by a corrupt MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) installation. The are two things you can try to fix the corruption:

1) Upgrade to MDAC 2.8.

OR, it there is a technical reason why you don't want to upgrade your version of MDAC

2) Search for duplicate MDAC components installed in the wrong folder. Some MDAC components should be installed in folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ADO. If any of these DLL are also errorneously installed in a Windows\System or WINENT\System32 folder, it is a system corruption. Delete those files and re-install the version of MDAC on your computer already.


At least 3 other PR-Tracker users have reported that upgrading to MDAC 2.8 fixed their problem.
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