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How much disk space is needed for the PR-Tracker database?


The amount of disk space required by the PR-Tracker database depends mostly on whether or not you will be attaching files to problem reports, and how big the attached files are.

On the average, problem reports use about 6K of disk space. But since the data is stored redundantly PR-Tracker uses around 12K per problem report. Consequently, a project of with 10,000 problems would use up about 1.2M. This estimate assumes no files are attached to problem reports.

Attachments are stored in the PRTRACKERDB directory tree but not the project .MDB files. Since attachments can be larger than a project .MDB file, they are the primary consideration in calculating required disk space. If you don't plan to use attachments we recomend 20M of disk space be available. If you are planning to attach large documents regularly that you may want to plan on 1G or more.

If you are attaching image documents to a problem reports, it is recommended that images be saved in formats that don't take a lot of space, like JPG and GIF. Files of type BMP and TIF use a lot of space.

If the disk hosting the PR-Tracker database runs out of space, you can move the database to a new location. Instructions on how to move the database are provided in PR-Tracker online help.


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