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Knowledgebase Article 1098

We have PR-Tracker here running on more than 100 computers, but there is one user here that is unable to open PR-Tracker. After clicking "Connect" on the connection screen, an empty window comes up that would normally display the list of PR's. Immediately the error message below pops up. Clicking cancel on the error message closes PR-Tracker.

The same user also reports that Visual Basic is installed on the computer and it doesn't work either. Could it be a shared DLL or something?


The problem you are describing is the result of a system corruption. Fixing a corruption can be difficult and you may have to reinstall Windows on your computer to do it. On the other hand may be some easy things you can try to fix the problem first. Try these options:

1) First try rebooting the computer. That will clear and corruptions in memory.

2) Reinstall PR-Tracker and/or Visual Basic.

3) Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and scan your computer for viruses.


Reinstalling PR-Tracker didn't help, but reinstalling Visual Basic fixed both VB and PR-Tracker.
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