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Knowledgebase Article 1085

After starting PR-Tracker the "Prtrackeren.exe" process show Memory usage about 5500kb (in Windows Task Manager). But after few hours of using PR-Tracker, the memory usage jumps to 120MB! In addition, in one moment the CPU Usage jumps to 100% and the only thing that helps was shutting down the "Prtrackeren.exe" process.


This problem is caused by a memory leak in the the component by prtrackeren.exe to send and recieve email so it can't be fixed. However, you can work around it. This problem only occurs if you have checked the box "Read email to check for incoming problem reports" in the Email Notification Setup dialog and email notification is configured to use SMTP or ESMTP. Uncheck the box to read email and restart the email notifier and it will go away. Alternatively if you use MAPI the problem will go away.

Note that unless you are using EmailProblemReport.asp to collect external bug reports, you don't need to have box "Read email ... " checked.

Applies to PR-Tracker 5.0 and 5.10 only.
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