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Knowledgebase Article 1034
I was able to install and configure your software. But the email notification does not seem to work. I have it set to SMTP on a known working server. I tested the server multiple times by sending messages through SMTP via Telnet, and Web pages. When using Email Notifier, i do not get the email. The prtrackeren.log file reports:
6/24/2003 4:46:58 PM youremail@sever.com was rejected from the server.
6/24/2003 4:46:58 PM Error 20004: SMTP protocol error.

This error occurs when SMTP service used by prtrackeren.exe does not see the email machine with its IP address but as BOUND IP address.
To fix the problem, you need to add the BOUND IP address of the email machine into the relay access list.
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