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Knowledgebase Article 1023

We are trying to import data into PR-Tracker but we don't know what to do about the checksum field in the Problem Reports table. What is the purpose of the checksum field?


The checksum is used by PR-Tracker Web Client and by PR-Tracker when operating in client-server mode. It is not used by PR-Tracker when operating in file-server mode but it is calculated anyway.

Its purpose is to reduce network or internet traffic by comparing the checksum in the client database cache before transmitting a problem report.

If you are importing data, set the checksum field to 1. Then follow the instructions in http://help.prtracker.com/ImportingData.htm. The checksum field will be calculated properly when the Database Repair Utility runs.

If you want to insert problem reports into the PR-Tracker database one by one from another software program see http://www.prtracker.com/support/pr1025.html


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