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Whenever I open PR-Tracker I have to adjust the column with settings on the Problem List dialog. It would be nice if PR-Tracker remembered the column width settings.


PR-Tracker does remember the column width settings but security settings on your computer may prevent this. This problem usually happens on Windows 2000 computers or later when the PR-Tracker user is not an administrator of the computer. The column width settings are saved files used to define Views. These files are stored in the folder Program Files\PR-Tracker\Views. You must have write access to these files for the column width setting to be remembered. If you are not an Administrator of the computer, you may not have write access. You will need to change the security settings under the PR-Tracker folder to make things work correctly because PR-Tracker wirtes to the prtracker.ini file, the Views folder and the Queries folder. In client-server mode PR-Tracker also writes the the PRTRACKERDB folder wich contains the local cache.

In Windows 95, 98, and NT, the default security under Program Files allows non-administrators to read and write files. In Windows 2000 and greater the default security only gives Administrators read and write privilege. Windows NT generally sets default security setting loose, and you have to tighten it to get the security level you need. Windows 2000 and above generally starts with tight security, and you have to loosen it to make some things work.

The security settings under Program Files\PR-Tracker may be managed remotely by a system administrator. You may have to ask that person to adjust the security settings.

Lastly, when you run the PR-Tracker setup program, it sets the security settings properly. However, they may have been reset.
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