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We are in the process of importing data from our old system into PR-Tracker. We got the old data into Access tables. Then, we were able copy this data into the PR-Tracker database. All these records can be accessed from within PR-Tracker, except for the free-form description section. For some reason, even though these records are in the table for the description section(we can see the data when looking at the table), they do not display when you open up a PR-Tracker record. Could you help us figure out what we're doing wrong? We have followed the instructions from your help files on importing data (and creating the .xml files).


The information for each problem report is stored redundantly. Each problem report has its own XML file and is also stored in the Access tables. When you view a problem report, it gets the data from the XML file. If the XML file doesn't exist, PR-Tracker gets the data from the Access file and used the data to create the XML file. If you check the XML files, you will probably discover that the <details> field is blank.

To fix the problem do these steps:

1) Delete the XML files
2) Open PR-Tracker and press F4 to list all problems
3) Open the first problem in the list to view it. This will create the XML file. You should see the problem description to.
4) Click the Next button on the Problem Report dialog repeatedly until you view all problems. This will create the XML files.
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