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The same problem reports get updated everytime I start PR-Tracker in client-server mode. Is this normal?


No it isn't. This bug sometimes occurs when changing a projects custom field configuration. To fix the problem do these steps:

1) Upgrade to PR-Tracker 5.10.0132 or higher. This will probably require a reboot on the server.

2) Run the PR-Tracker Database Repair Utility on the server by doing PR-Tracker menu Setup | Database Repair Utility.

3) Connect with PR-Tracker in client-server mode or PR-Tracker Web Client. The problems will update one more time. After that problems should only update if they are modified.


If you are getting a repeated update of only one problem do Edit | Modify on that problem report and then Save the problem report. This will recalculate the checksum and should prevent repeated updates.


Repeated updates of the same problem reports can also occur if the PR-Tracker data has been modified directly through Access or SQL Server. This is because PR-Tracker clients use checksum information to decide whether or not to update problem reports on the client. If you change a problems data, then you must update the checksum too. If you have modified the data manually and you want to preserve the changes, do these steps.

1) PR-Tracker data is stored redundantly in the .mdb and .xml files. So first changes have to be propogated to the xml files.
1a) Delete the xml files for the project in question (or move them to a backup location).
1b) Open PR-Tracker on the server.
1c) Press F4 to list all problems.
1d) View the first problem in the list. PR-Tracker will discover that the .xml file is missing and create it.
1e) Press Next repeatedly until you get to the end of the problem list to generate the other xml files.
2) Run the Database Repair Utility. This will recalculate the checksum data.


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