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PR-Tracker Technical Support Site Map

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7 How do I export PR-Tracker data to another format?
10 BUGFIX: Error 3075 occurs when doing query with apostrophe
13 Overflow Error occurs when viewing a problem report
14 PR-Tracker setup fails trying to write to the registry.
15 Reoccuring "System files are out of date" messages during setup.
18 Error 3197 occurs when doing a query
22 What is the purpose of the .lck files in the PR-Tracker Database
24 No one has setup privilege
29 "Database is busy"
31 Can I generate a report against a query instead of the whole database?
32 How do I split a project database without changing the PR numbers?
33 Attaching screen shots, images, and files.
34 How to combine two PR-Tracker database trees into one.
36 The problem description textbox is blacked out
40 How many characters can be in the problem report title?
41 Sharing queries and views
46 Error 3343: Unrecognized database format
47 Error 32011 while doing copy and paste into PR-Tracker
49 Can non-user names be entered into PR-Tracker Assignment fields
51 How can I Assign a problem at the same time it is created
52 Error 75 occurs when closing PR-Tracker
53 Is there a browser interface for PR-Tracker?
56 Does PR-Tracker Web work with Apache
62 BUGFIX: PR-file corrupt error -2147221503' (80040001)
66 The problem list is not printed as expected
68 Does PR-Tracker work on Windows 2000?
69 How can I get PR-Tracker to open my project first instead of the DEMO project?
70 Importing data to PR-Tracker
72 Can I delete a problem report from the database?
73 PR-Tracker Email Notifier Runtime error '-2147417848 (800010108):
74 Does PR-Tracker Web Client allow Linux users to enter bugs
76 "Error 13: Type mismatch" when PR-Tracker Web Client Starts
77 Does the PR-Tracker setup program write over existing DLLs?
78 What DLL, OCX and TLB files are installed by PR-Tracker 4.30?
79 Error 9010: Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument
80 Can I download an attachment with PR-Tracker Web Client without opening it?
81 DoDatabase Busy or Error 3050 couldn't lock file
83 How can I add a field to the problem list view?
85 User privileges are globally across all projects
86 What is the limit on database size?
87 What to do when database gets too large?
88 Setting up PR-Tracker Web with a proxy server
89 Error 50003: Unexpected error doing frmProbList:mnuNewClick frmProbList:AddChild
90 Support intranet user authentication?
91 How do I perform a query across all projects?
92 "Error 3050: Couldn't lock file" is returned by PR-Tracker Web Server
93 Error 9010: Error 9024: Can't access PR-Tracker Dababase File
94 Do we get a manual when we purchase PR-Tracker?
95 "Error 62: Input past end of file" when starting PR-Tracker
96 "Error 3167: Record is deleted" when starting PR-Tracker
97 An error occurs when while installing DAO350.DLL during setup
98 What rules does PR-Tracker use to determine who to send email notifications too.
99 How often does PR-Tracker send out email notifications?
100 What database does PR-Tracker use?
101 Error: This key is already associated with an element of this collection
102 Using PR-Tracker to generate release notes
103 Status and priority display on problem list view
105 What are the limitations of an unregistered version of PR-Tracker?
107 The Manage Views option cannot be accessed.
108 How do I sort the problems in the problem list?
109 How configure Eudora Pro to work with PR-Tracker email notification
110 How much disk space is needed for the PR-Tracker database?
111 PR-Tracker hangs on my computer but works fine on others
113 Error 3447 occurs when starting PR-Tracker or PR-Tracker Web Client.
115 The RICHTX32.OCX file is not installed.
117 Is the web license fee for a web site license or is it an extra fee?
119 The PR-Tracker setup program can't register HHCTRL.OCX
120 Error 3265 occurs when saving a problem report
121 Do I need email server tools like Exchange to run Email Notification?
123 "Error 70: Permission denied" while saving attachment
124 Why does email notification always come from the same person?
125 Does PR-Tracker support Macintosh or Unix?
126 Error 339: Component 'comctl32.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or
127 "System files are out of date" message and CTL3D32.DLL
134 Error 3000 and -1601 when modifying a problem report
135 An attachment doesn't open when clicking on its link
149 Problem converting database during upgrading from version 2.xx to 4.20
152 Questions and answers about user license
153 "Error 9: Subscript out of range" sometimes occurs when uplaoding a file
155 PR-Tracker has lost connection with the internet
156 Error 13 occurs when printing the order form (4.30 only)
173 How do I rename a project subdirectory?
177 Can I print problem reports in the format I want them?
178 An error occurred while registering file ITIRCL.DLL
187 Shouldn't then Investigate step be optional?
201 Searching with special characters like *, ? and #
210 Registry setting error on web server
242 Error 3265 occurs after adding a custom field
243 Error registering crviewer.dll during setup.
249 What DLL, OCX and TLB files are installed by PR-Tracker 4.40?
255 Error 9031 occurs when accessing a project using PR-Tracker Web Client
260 How PR-Tracker works around Microsoft Access limitations
263 HTML Report Generator doesn't run in command line mode
268 "Wrong version of run-time DLL" message during setup
269 Reports are missing after upgrading to 4.40
274 "Error writing to logfile strunst.000" occurs during setup
275 Error 429 occurs when running a report
289 Will PR-Tracker Email Notification work with Lotus Notes or Lotus cc:Mail?
292 PR-Tracker Web Client hangs with Response Received message in the status bar
293 Expected prtracker.asp version doesn't match server version.
296 Will PR-Tracker Email Notification work with Netscape Messenger?
306 The Outlook security update breaks the PR-Tracker Email Notifier. How do I fix it?
310 Server Version = Error: PRTRACKER.ASP - Unexpected function
311 "Error 5: Invalid procedure call" occurs when entering internet license code
342 PR-Tracker Web Client won't conect if there is an expired security certificate
347 Email Notifier couldn't start and error 2186 occurs
357 Error 3159: Not a valid bookmark.
369 Does PR-Tracker protect previously entered data in the problem description field
370 How does PR-Tracker handle multiple people trying to edit the same problem repor
381 Error 7: Out of memory
382 Error 3078: The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table
385 Error 13: Type mismatch strDateTime=#2001-06-11 17:19:01#
397 Trouble upgrading from PR-Tracker 4.30 and 4.40 (Error 52)
428 PR-Tracker Web Client starts without error but no problems are listed
434 Error 32002: Unspecified Failure has occurred
435 I would like to be able to do a mass change on the contents of a field. Is there a was to do this?
443 After upgrading to the web client software to 4.5, I get the following error:
451 Error 9007 occurs when starting PR-Tracker
456 Test 5 is failing: Object variable or With block variable not set, line 57
471 I am getting Server object error ASP 0177 when trying to use ProblemReport.asp
473 Get "Path not found" using ProblemReport.asp
479 PR-Tracker and XML
481 File could not be opened: "Problem Reports", at file location: "Problem Reports" error when opening
482 The PR-tracker web-server program is running on a webserver that is outside our
486 Does PR-Tracker integrate with PVCS or Visual SourceSafe
488 When installing PR-Tracker receives 'The destination file is write protected'
498 Email Notifier and Outlook with Security Patch or Outlook XP
500 During installation, I received the error: setuppr.exe - Ordinal Not Found
550 PR-Tracker Web Client and Microsoft Proxy Server
579 Receive error 5 when saving a problem report
611 What port is PR-Tracker Web Client use?
638 Error 372: Failed to load control 'MAPIMessages' from MSMAPI32.OCX.
667 Error 9030: Downloaded file size doesn't match file size on server. Retry Count = 4
669 Error 35761: Request timed out during updating problem set
673 Error Type: prwebsvr (0x800A0005) /prtracker/prtracker.asp, line 57
685 Error 3706, Provider cannot be found, ADODB.Connection
736 "Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument" occurs when starting the Web Client
750 Error 70: Permission denied occurs when conneting in client-server mode
756 Setup fatal eror: Unable to generate installation log file
759 Is PR-Tracker a file-server application or a client-server application?
771 How do I make a query to select bugs fixed between two versions of a product?
790 I'm trying to use problemreport.asp to create problems in the database. I get the following error:
803 How do I handle problem reports that are rejected?
804 Are there any compatiblity issues with PR-Tracker and Windows 2000/XP?
845 Intermittent connection problems with PR-Tracker Web Client
851 BUGFIX: Error 457 occurs when starting PR-Tracker
871 Error 430: Class does not support automation or does not support expected interface
908 Connecting PR-Tracker Web Client through a firewall.
946 Why does PR-Tracker need to be install on the SQL Server?
948 Error -2147220999: Method '~' of object '~' failed
965 Problems restoring project that have been deleted.
969 Does deleting usernames from PR-Tracker cause any problems?
970 How many problem reports can be added to PR-Tracker before performance suffers
981 Error -2147023566: Automation error. Logon failure: the specified account password has expired.
982 Does PR-Tracker have to be installed on the SQL Server to use SQL Server as the database?
993 Errors 9007 and 52 occur when saving a problem report.
994 Error 52 occurs when PR-Tracker tries to lock a database file.
995 Errors 9038 and 5 occur when doing menu Setup | Client Setup Options
998 Error 70 occurs when connecting in client-server mode
999 Get error "Remote calls are not allowed for this process." when trying to connet
1000 Performing a database rebuild takes a long time -- hours
1001 The same problems get updated everytime I start PR-Tracker or PR-Tracker Web Client
1002 Error 9040: An error occured while changing the database provider
1008 Importing problem: The problem description field is blank
1009 The column widths in the Problem List dialog aren't remembered
1019 Converting the database from Access to SQL Server
1023 What is the purpose of the checksum field in the Problem Reports table?
1025 How can we add problems to the PR-Tracker from another application?
1034 When using Email Notifier, I receive Error 20004: SMTP protocol error.
1071 "Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object" when starting PR-Tracker
1079 "Error 13: Type mismatch" sometimes occurs when printing a problem report
1084 How do I set the initial problem number for a PR-Tracker project?
1085 Memory problem with Email Notifier
1098 PR-Tracker won't run on one of our computers
1105 Error -2147319779: Automation error AND Error 58: File already exists
1116 Errors 9040 and -2147217900 when converting database to SQL Server
1117 Errors 9040 and -2147467259 when converting database to SQL Server
1128 Does PR-Tracker have to be installed on SQL Server in order to use an SQL database?
1140 Is there a way to cross reference duplicate defects?
1141 Using Severity and Priority to classify problem reports
1146 Error 3050 happens when opening a project
1164 After installing the latest security update from Microsoft, Security Update for
1175 PR-Tracker shuts down after the displaying the problem list dialog for a second
1176 When I create a new project I get error Automation error -2147024770
1177 Error 9027 occurs when trying to create a new project
1178 Reports don't always work after upgrading to 5.10
1182 Connecting PR-Tracker clients to more than one server
1186 E-mail notifier is not working with Outlook 2000. Configured to run as service,
1194 PR-Tracker Web Client accepts any password. Server setup issue.
1196 Error 80070070: There is not enough space on the disk.
1219 I've installed PR-Tracker on all our workstations without issue. However, one of
1223 An overflow occurs after 32676 bugs have been entered into the database
1228 Error 9007: Can't open file \prtracker.key, Error 53: File not found
1234 An access violation occurs when running the PR-Tracker setup program
1237 PR-Tracker Email Notifier errors 32002 and 32050
1249 Is it possible to close a problem immediately after creation?
1265 When trying to connect PR-Tracker, I receive the error message: Runtime Error 7: Out of Memory
1296 Error -2147467225 occurs when attempting to connect PR-Tracker
1299 When I try to click on any menu, I receive the following error: Error -2147467238: Automation error
1302 I keep getting is 404 - file or directory not found when I use http://yourservername/prtracker/test
1304 When I try to connect PR Tracker in Client-Server Mode following error message pop ups :
1305 I try to run client-server mode with Windows XP Pro machines in a workgroup. When trying to connec
1327 Error 70: Permission Denied with Windows 2003 Server SP1
1452 Error 9037 occurs when updating the local cache
1459 Microsoft JScript compilation error occurs when connecting PR-Tracker Web Client
1501 I'm getting this error when I try to run Email Notification: "Socket error 10053". What's causing th
1502 WIndows Firewall causes error 462
1503 Which versions of SQL Server does PR-Tracker 5.x work with?
1533 Does PR-Tracker support Windows Vista?
1561 The error "Unable to connect to remote server" occurs when trying to connect as a web client
1562 The error "Server was unable to press request" occurs when trying to connect as web client
1563 The error "Unable to connect to remote server" occurs when trying to connect as a network client
1568 Unrecognized configuration section 'connectionStrings'
1569 HTTP Error 404 occurs while browsing Prtracker.asmx
1570 System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server
1582 The Email Service is failing with error "Unable to connect to the remote server"
1585 Missing ASP.NET v2.050727 Web Service Extention
1586 HTTP Error 404 occurs when browsing prtracker.asmx
1587 InvalidOperationException while browsing prtracker.asmx
1588 The PR-Tracker server actively refuses a client-server connection
1590 Error 1001 occurs when type to install PR-Tracker
1594 Parse Error occurs when browsing ProblemReport.aspx
1595 Compilation Error occurs when trying to run ProblemReport.aspx
1639 Could not load file or assembly 'Prtracker.Common' or one of its dependencies
1646 Can't uninstall PR-Tracker all the way
1651 There is an error in XML document (0, 0).
1657 ERROR: Unable to generate a temporary class
1658 The PrtrackerWebService test in step 9 fails with error CS2001
1665 Can't print a problem report
1691 Error 339: Component 'VSPRINT7.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered
1703 Corrupted Settings.xml file
1730 The internet address of Prtracker.asmx is not as expected.
1734 Having trouble moving the database from Access to SQL with PR-Tracker 6.0

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